Tomorrow Police

I know why I’m here today. I know what I have to do. But how did I get here?

A kiss on the cheek as he leaves in the night. To fight in faraway places. To provide. A solemn dispatch in the mail. Mommy crying. A flag draped across his casket.

Dark devil eyes and a brightly colored skirt, catching the breeze; her hair down her back as she closes the blinds. A cry in the night. A tiny hand, clasping, wrapped tight around my finger.

An oath. To serve and protect. To provide.

And now here I stand. My own people against me. Gun wrapped tight around my finger.

And when the call comes, I will heed it. Just as my father did. To kill and oppress, and maybe to die. To provide.


Story: David Walker

Photo Credit: Unknown

Title Inspiration: Valient Thorr

Categories: Flash FictionPoemsPoetrySci-Fi

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David Walker

I write sword & sorcery and dark sci-fi. My previous works include the S&S short story DEADMAN’S DUE and the dark sci-fi novellas WET WORK and BLOOD FIELDS. You can find all of my flash fiction, short stories, poetry, and novellas, plus the first chapter of my upcoming sword and sorcery novel, GOLEM, right here on my website. ..... Sword & Sorcery and dark sci-fi author David Walker hails from the enchanted land of Los Angeles, California. When he's not busy writing, he spends his time brooding about the sorry state of so-called civilization and hatching a plan to exchange his palatial estate in the glittering realm of La-La Land for a haunted castle in Ireland.

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