Invisible. Maybe right now. But the bitch is out there, somewhere. Mingling at some swanky nightclub. Passing off my algorithm as her own. Teasing out the highest bidders. Throwing back her head in laughter.

If she knew what I know, she wouldn’t be laughing.

A smile just a touch too ingratiating, an embrace just a second too long. I marked that bitch the day we met.

Flaco will be on her soon enough. Swoop in with his nanodrones and spike a drink or two. Convulsions on the dance floor as the blood spurts from her nose, her mouth, her traitorous bitch ass.

When the Ancient Masters said that poison is a woman’s weapon, they weren’t using empty phrases.


Story: David Walker

Artwork: Murder

Categories: Flash FictionPoemsPoetrySci-Fi

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David Walker

I write sword & sorcery and dark sci-fi. My previous works include the S&S short story DEADMAN’S DUE and the dark sci-fi novellas WET WORK and BLOOD FIELDS. You can find all of my flash fiction, short stories, poetry, and novellas, plus the first chapter of my upcoming sword and sorcery novel, GOLEM, right here on my website. ..... Sword & Sorcery and dark sci-fi author David Walker hails from the enchanted land of Los Angeles, California. When he's not busy writing, he spends his time brooding about the sorry state of so-called civilization and hatching a plan to exchange his palatial estate in the glittering realm of La-La Land for a haunted castle in Ireland.

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